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Stylish , lightweight 15 inch laptop bag

Today we will be taking a look at Kalidi 15 inch laptop bag with internal sleeve.

If you are looking for a simple laptop bag that can be used for daily trips and yet not have to pay big bucks for it, consider this laptop bag as one of the options. The bag is currently selling at only $25, comes with detachable internal sleeve to further protect your laptop against impact.

This laptop case comes with simplicity and fuss free design in mind. Being slim, it is suitable for  most 15 inches ultrabooks, including up to 15.4 or 15.6 inches laptop.

The laptop bag also comes with removable strap, adding in the flexibility of carrying  it on your shoulders instead of hand carry.

The bag itself is also rather light, together with the strap included weighs only about 700grams.


kalidi 15 inch laptop bag

kalidi 15 inch laptop bag front view


bag back view

bag back view



Let’s take a look at the internal compartments of the bag.

Bag comes with internal compartment with zipper, allowing you to pack adapters and relate peripherals into the bag for daily trips.


internal compartment

internal compartment




As you can see here, the internal sleeve can be detached from the bag itself.


bag with detached sleeve

bag with detachable sleeve


Internally, this is how the sleeve looks like when opened up. As you can see from the arrow in the picture, there are 2 velcro strips on the sleeve to secure the sleeve to the bag.

Internal sleeve opened up

Internal sleeve opened up


On closer look, this is how the zip on the sleeve looks like.

zipper on the sleeve

zipper on the sleeve


This is the zip that is on the main bag itself. With nicer finishing as you can see here

External Bag zipper

External Bag zipper


Now let’s see the full dimensions of the bag and the sleeve


Dimensions of the bag and sleeve

Dimensions of the bag and sleeve


So in conclusion, this laptop is suitable for those who wants to buy value for money, yet stylish looking, laptop bag that looks good for office or school commuting.

Its now at $25, available at our store at #02-55 People’s Park Centre, Singapore 058357, during our operating hours Mon to Fri ( 10.30am to 6.30pm) , Sat ( 10.30am to 2.30pm)

Some more views of the bag here:

Kalidi Bag

Kalidi Bag



My next I.T Buy: Computer vs smart devices


There are many choices available in the market these days for computers and smart devices. Many performed similar functions. So much so that some days we wonder if one singular device is able to replace all our needs. Should the next device be a I-device, windows PC, android tablet, smartphone or a computer? Sometimes it can be so confusing as the line gets increasingly blurred.

A phone used to be a device you used to call somebody. Now a smartphone can be used to do that and much more. Its can also surf the internet, play games, read documents while on the go.

But if you think that a smartphone can replaces a computer, perhaps it is not the time yet.

Or perhaps I should say depends on usage by individual user.

For a individual who only needs to surf the internet for information, together with social media interaction as well as games, then perhaps getting a personal computer (PC) is not important at all. For such cases, the core functions can already be satisfied through a smart device, such such a tablet or smartphone.

For the student or someone who needs to use the computer regularly to create documents, then the PC still come in as a much more productive tool. It is still more comfortable to type on a regular keyboard than off a touchscreen device.

The hardware in computers also run more efficiently, giving more computing power to the users.

Smartphone uses apps which are usually downloaded off the app store, but do not contained the full features the way programs works in a PC. Apps are like lighter versions of PC programs, such that they are usually built to do little amendments to documents which have already been created and also to add on things like signature etc. They are not made to replace PC programs.

Those who are currently using Windows 8 computers or Mac computers should be more familiar with this concept as the app store also coexist within the operating system.
If you will be doing much work through the computer, then getting the computer should be treated as a priority.
However, these two devices should be seen as complementary to each other rather than as a direct replacement.
Now let’s take a look at the next two devices that looked like close cousins when placed next to each other. Do I get a smartphone or a Tablet? Will it be a tablet with sim card ( 3G / 4G access ) or wifi enabled only?

And how smart do you want your device to be? That depends on how much budget you have to invest on the smart device. The higher the price tag, chances are the better the specifications and likewise features tied to the phones.

Specification to look out for in a smart device usually consist of :

-Processor speed
-internal storage (for apps and data)
-is external storage such as microsd card supported
-screen resolution and type of panel being used (some uses screen that give better display)
-battery ( how long can you use the device before it runs out of juice)
-additional features such as OTG( On- the -go) ,and MHL ( able to output to TV and external devices)
-wireless charging ( qi technology etc)
-NFC ( near field connection)
For smart devices, if mobility and weight is the issue, take that into consideration when buying a phone or tablet. Average 10 inch tablets weigh around 900 gram, so if you can take on this additional weight while commuting, then bigger screen will be more comfortable for the eyes. If 10 inch tablet seem a tad too heavy, there are also 7 inch and 8 inch tablets around.

Likewise, in recent years, the size of smartphone is also getting bigger. Large smartphone also mean that it is heavier and unlikely to just shove them into the pocket. But a larger screen sized phone will also mean that its easier on eyes.

While a smartphone always comes with 3G/4G sim card slot and wireless functions, Tablets are built with 2 types of connections. Wireless mode only or additionally comes with sim card slot for mobile internet purposes. Those equipped with wireless function mode will usually be cheaper by few hundred dollars as compared to those with sim card slots.

Different brand manufacturers also create their own software and launchers on top of the phone operating system ( applicable for Android phone based systems). Some smartphone manufacturers also bundle in software which comes handy such as office suites or cloud storage with free subscription for a period of time.

So to put it simply , consider these additional factors when choosing your phone or tablet :
1. Form factor ( does it look nice to you?)
2. weight
3. size ( how big is it going to be?)
4. wireless or wireless with 3G/4G models ( tablet only)
5. do you need the tablet to be able to make phone calls ( only apply for those with 3G and 4G models) ( tablet only)
6. operating system ( is it going to be a I-device or Android device?)
7. Manufacturer branding and software bundled
8. price vs specifications
Once you have run through your mind through the above points, its time to go out shopping for the next new toy.