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Windows 10 : Family Safety ( Parental Mode)

Windows 10

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Many of us have started the Windows 10 operating system journey since they offered free upgrade to any computers loaded with genuine Windows 7 and windows 8.

While there are many new features and changes to new operating system, we are going discuss one feature which many parents with young children will be interested to know. That is the ability to control young children’s activity when using the Windows Computer.

The family safety feature (or known as parental control) already exists in earlier versions of Windows, but in this article we will be focusing briefly on how to set up this feature in Windows 10 environment and how it will affect the users.


What is Family Safety?

Before we explore family safety feature in windows, let us just briefly explain that the Windows based computer can accept many user profiles. This means that the computer can be shared by different family members or users.

The reason why different profiles are needed is that each user can work within their own workspace without affecting other’s work. This includes desktop shortcuts and way things are organized within folders and workspace.

Each of the profile can be protected with password and be issued different rights ( As Administrator, or standard User)

The Administrator has all the rights to install programs and make changes to the operating system but a standard user cannot do that. They are allowed to work within the programs installed within the computer and save their works. This system has existed in earlier versions of windows and continued into Windows 10 as well.

This will work well if the standard user profile created within the computer is someone who is old enough to manage most of the features within the windows environment, such a a teenager.

However, if you do have a much younger child within the family and you will like the kid to start using the computer without them accidentally deleting your important pictures or documents, that’s when the Family safety feature comes in.

Under Windows 10, family safety is the parental control tool meant to control a child account. Using this feature, you will be able to control the child’s activity such as time limit, restriction to apps they are able to access and websites they can go.


How to set it up

Firstly, your user account in the Windows 10 computer has to be linked to a Microsoft account ( not a local account) . You have to add the child account under your family. This will grant you access to mange their account in the computer and also any other windows devices which their Microsoft account is to be used.

Look for Windows logo ( left bottom corner) on your desktop, click on settings.

Start Screen, Windows 10

Start Screen, Windows 10

Under settings, choose Accounts




In Accounts, click Family and other users , then clickon + Add a family member

Now click the radio button that says Add a child , click on Next

If your child already has a Microsoft account, add in the email address of the Microsoft account, an invitation will be sent to that email address inviting him/her to join this computer.

The child’s email will received the invitation and clicking on the link will then connect him/her with this computer.

If your child does not have a email account, then the screen will also give you the option to create one. The screen will guide you towards creating a Microsoft account for your child with the name and password set up at the same time.

Once the link received in the email has managed to connect to this computer, it will show up under settings → Accounts-→ Family & other users-→ your family

Family and other users

Family and other users



How to Manage what your child’s account

Under the section, Your Family, you will see a link that says Mange family setting online

Click on the child’s name that you have just added. You will now see options that can control reports that can be sent to you regarding your child’s activity , including web browsing, apps and games activities.

Under the section web browsing, you can add and block websites by adding the URL of the websites.

You can also restrict your child from downloading inappropriate apps and games, which will give you the option to choose based on age of the child.

You can also set limitation to time of the day and amount of time they can spend on the windows devices.


monitoring parameters

monitoring parameters

So basically, the child’s account has now been set up for Windows 10 PC and if you had earlier turned on Activity report and that the report be sent to you every week, you should be able to monitor your child’s activity on the Windows based device from now on .