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Kuwo K1 Bluetooth headset with Mic review

K1 Bluetooth headset

K1 Bluetooth headset












This time I will be doing a review on a pair of bluetooth headset just acquired recently.



Overall Impression:

The Kuwo K1 bluetooth headset with mic overall is a sports bluetooth headset with mic, which comes with water resistant features. The headphone design is meant to be used plug into the ears.

At the price range of $35 each headset, overall it is a rather good value for money, boosting rather good bass sound for music. The headphone can also be used for normal day comutting between places and the noise isolation function is rather good. Overall at this price range with the features tested, it is a rather decent bluetooth headset, value for money and is worth a try.

The headset is available in 3 colours, Green, Red and Grey.

The one which I am using is the Grey coloured piece.

I shall now break down the headset in terms of features that I have tested since trying it out couple of weeks back.


Let’s take a look at the stated specifications:

Weight 15 grams
Bluetooth Version 4.1
Water resistant IP4
Battery 110mah
Play time 7 hours
standby 300 hours



First Impression:


The headset seemed well built when I first opened up the package. The finishing of the ear piece on each side looks good. The earphones are angled in such a way that they are supposed to fit in perfectly into each side of the ear. The silicon earbuds, were nice and comfortable when I slot them into each ear. The set comes with 3 sets earbuds, so the user can find the one that is most comfortable. There was no need for me to change out the earbud, the one that came right out of the box seemed fine for me.


kwuo k1 Headset with pouch

kuwo k1 Headset with pouch












Opening up the package, there are quite a few sets of accessories that were included in the package. The box itself comes with earbuds as well as ear hooks that were meant to be used for sports purposes. These hooks are meant to be hooks within the ears to ensure that the earphone stay attached to the ears.


In the phone pouch that comes along with the headset, there was also one more set of ear hooks. These ear hooks looked more like those that are usually bundled with Bluetooth headsets and are meant to be hooked externally to the ears.


During the period where I used the headphones, I do not have problem slotting in the the earphones and most of the time they just stay in the ear so there was no need for me to use any of the hooks at all. But its always good to have these additional add ons in case one day I might used for sports.


Once the earphone package is open, following items are seen in the package:


-Charging cable

-One tray ( 2 earbuds sizes, 1 sports inearhook)

-One headset pouch, Internally there is additional earphone hooks set

-instruction manual ( in mandarin)

k1 headset package

k1 headset package
















As mentioned briefly earlier, the earbuds area are angled so that the earphone fits perfectly into each ear. With the silicon bud slot into the ear, I have to say the noise cancellation effect seemed quite good once the music starts flowing.


When wearing the headset, I do not feel that the headset is heavy or cumbersome when walking around. I did try to hop and jump around when wearing the headset just to test if it was going to fall off my ears. So I supposed for light exercise, most likely it should stay on without problem. Most of my usage of the earphone involves commuting between places and during this period, overall the experience is good.


On the right side of the earphone, you will see the USB sign labelled on one of the rubber stopper. Gently pry open the rubber, you will see the micro usb charging cable. So that’s the place you will charge the headset, by placing the microusb cable, with the smaller side to the headset and USB head towards the USB port.

K1 Headset top view

K1 Headset top view












The rubber plug cover helps to keep the water and moisture out, hence making the headset water resistant. According to the specifications, the water resistant level is at IP4, which is suppose to be usable against water splashing.

At the top of the earpiece, also on the right side, you will see the rubber placing labelled “+” and “-”. That is suppose to control the volume of the music as well as moving the music track to the next one or previous track.

You will see one large round button , with a small led light indicator at the right earpiece. Once the large round button is pressed upon, it will answer the phone call that is coming from the phone. Or if music is playing through the earpiece, you can also press it to pause the music.



One of the main features of the headset is that you can power on and off the bluetooth headset simply by pulling the headset apart to switch it on and placing the back of the earphone to stick to each other to shut it down.

The bluetooth headset can pair up to 2 devices at the same time. That’s really convenient because many of us these days have more than one phone or devices. Pairing the headset with the phone was relatively easy. If you are familiar with pairing bluetooth devices, there should be no issue pairing this headset at all.


I found that for the headphone to automatically pair up with my phone ( after the initial pairing), I need to turn on the bluetooth on my phone first, then turn on the bluetooth on my headset and it will just link up automatically.

Once the bluetooth headset powers on, there is a voice prompt heard within the headset that annouces that the headset is powered on.

At the same time , there will be a red and green flashing light on the right side of the earpiece.

I should highlight that the voice prompt is in mandarin, but it should not pose any issue to anyone familiar with pairing of bluetooth devices. The procedure is always the same. Once the headset has been paired successfully, the voice prompt will also announce it as well. And lastly, when the headset is running very low on battery, the voice prompt will also come on too.

Once the pairing is successful, the right side earphone led indicator will now be in green light.

At the same time, the phone also indicated that the device has been connected.

Connected to phone

Connected to phone




















It is stated that the battery is 110mah battery. I have charged it full the first day I got it and over the next few days, I use it each time with approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour listening to music. The battery only started to gave voice prompt for low battery after 4 days. So for me that was rather long lasting. But once the voice prompt comes on for low battery, it will keep repeating itself every few seconds and shortly after few minutes, the earphone powers off.

If the headset is approaching low battery, it will also have problem playing music smoothly when connected to the phone. It will sound choppy and when that happens, you will have to charge the headset battery.

Charging the earphone to full seem to take few hours. That was alright for me since I will just leave it with laptop to charge before I need to use it again.


Fit to the ears

As I mentioned earlier, the fit of the earbuds to my ears was not an issue at all as the one that came right out of the box was fitting and during my commutting between places, did not drop out once I slot it in snugly.



With the music playing from my phone, I can hear it rather well and for me the bass effect seemed good enough.

As bluetooth is also using 2,4ghz frequency, there are times when the music seemed experience short gaps of silence. These are very short in span and most of the time is tolerable. I suspect that these gaps are more due to interference from the surrounding, though I cannot be sure.

Most of the times, the music played on with no interference so overall its still acceptable for me. Few days back, during one of the trips, the short gap in sound was rather bad, music was getting chopped frequently. At that time I was streaming music from the internet using the phone so I switched it over to local music from my phone itself and the interference stopped. So I think most likely it was caused by the music not able to stream properly over that area where I was travelling.

The volume button and the skip track button are the same. So short press will add or lower the volume and long press once will push the existing track back to the beginning and 2 long press will push music to next track or previous.

I have to say, this one takes a bit of getting use to. By the end of this week, I am getting the hang out of this and it easier than doing it at the beginning.

The large round button on the right earpiece can be used to pause the music or answer any incoming phone calls. This one is really easy to locate, the round button is really big.

I am trying to press all these controls by not having to remove my right earpiece so it takes a bit of familiarity to get the positions correct.


Phone Calls

A few trys with picking up the phone seems alright, so i have no major issues about this.



Most of the time the earpiece is really close to my phone, since the phone is in the bag while I am commuting. So connection has never drop when the battery is good. In order to see if how far I can stay connected between the two devices, I walked a distance of close to 10 meters, and the connection was good until the furthest end. So the distance overall checks out.



Overall this headset is quite good in terms of value for money. I would not say that it is a headset that can beat the top end earphones in the market, but if you are looking for a pair of sports headset without breaking the bank, you might want to give this model a try.



Rating Remarks
Ease of connection Good, Easy
Sound Good Earphones that emphasize on bass
Noice Cancellation Good
Battery Good Last about 4 to 5 days, based on 45 mins to an hour each time
Accesories Good 2 sets ear hooks, 2 additional sets ear buds, phone pouch
Voice clarity Acceptable
Ease of Use Good


K1 in 3 colours

K1 in 3 colours










The K1 Headset comes in 3 colours and is available at our retail shop for sale


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