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How to update licence key for Eset smart security

This is a guide on how to update the licence key for eset smart security.

Eset smart security suite is a paid internet security suite which helps to protect your computer against virus in PC system, which includes browsing protection to email protection. One of the features going for Eset is the light footprint on the system, meaning it will not hog the system resource even when its running in the backend.

For those who are keen to understand this product better, you can refer to their website here for for details.

Eset security home page

For this article, we will just be covering on how to update the licence key into the software to continue the protection against malware.

This is only relevant to those who have installed Eset smart security, including the trial version, with the subscription coming to an end soon or has ended and  is trying to update the software with the new licence which has been purchased.

The screen shots provided here will be relevant to Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 systems.

For Windows 8 users, please launch desktop mode after you have started the computer.

Firstly, start eset smart security once you have started the computer. This can be done by double clicking on the icon at the bottom right corner of your desktop screen or simply type Eset in the search bar.

You should be seeing a screen like this:

Eset program Screen

Eset program Screen

Next, click on “setup” at the left side of the program.


Eset setup page

Eset setup page

Proceed to click on “product activation”


Product Activation page

Product Activation page

Make sure the radio button for “activate using activation key” is checked and then click “next”


enter licence key

enter licence key

Enter the licence key which you have purchased and enter the relevant information to log in your licence key.

Click on “Activate” once the information has been filled up.

Make sure that your computer is connected to the internet, otherwise the licence key will not be validated and you will hit error.

Once activated, the new expiry date will be updated within the program.


Things to take note:

If you purchased the licence key for Eset smart security, you can only use it to activate this product. It will not work with eset antivirus or any other versions.

If you happen to purchase the wrong version which is different from the existing program which you have installed, uninstall away the existing version of eset and download the software matching the licence key from eset website.

Install the program and key in the licence key to activate product

For eset, if you do not activate the product, the protection will expire 30 days after installation.


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