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How to back up your photos to Google drive

Back up to google drive

Back up to google drive


Recently someone told us that she thought her phone was accidentally left in the washroom and was upset at the possibility that her travel photos inside the phone will be lost forever.

Eventually she found her phone somewhere in her bag and it was just a false alarm.

There are now features available within the smartphone which can track location of the lost phone for both Iphones and Android smartphones. Also, the photos within the phone could have been backed up in Google drive.

Today we shall focus on how to back up photos onto Google drive for smart phones For a start, everyone who signs up for a free gmail account will be provided with 15GB free storage. That space can be shared across Google drive, gmail and Google photos.


In the event 15GB is not enough, Google also offers monthly packages to increase the storage space:



Pricing starts from USD1.99 for 100GB space and USD9.99 for 1TB space


Within all Android phones, you can now safely back up your photos and video to Google drive.

Below is the link on how to back up your photos within your phone:



Just to highlight, the setting is found within Google’s photo app.

Go to Menu, settings, choose backup and sync

You can also choose what to back up.


Likewise, if you download the desktop client for Google drive onto your computer, you can also back up the photos from your PC to Google drive.


Instructions here:



Once the settings have been done, we will wait for time to take over and that the photos to be sync over time through the internet.


With time, all the sweet memories in your phone will be safely backed up to cloud for storage, accessible across devices tied to the same Google account .