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Gift ideas for Father’s day

Father's Day 2016

Happy Father’s Day 2016


“When a father gives to his son, both laugh; when a son gives to his father, both cry.

William Shakespeare”


Father’s day is just round the corner and coming soon.

Why not consider getting a special gift that will be practical and thoughtful this year?

We have handpicked some of the gift choices below. They are all available at our retail shop at #02-55 People’s Park Centre, for you to pick it up.


Power banks


Aigo TD100

Aigo Slim Powerbank TD100

Mobile devices are now part of our daily lives and power banks are like life savers when mobile phones run low on battery.

Consider this slim and lightweight powerbank.

Aigo TD100

Dimensions: 142x72x15mm

Thickness at 14.8mm

Weight : Approximately 228 grams


At 10000 mah battery, it should be able to charge a iphone 5 by approximately 5 times. This model comes with 2 USB ports so it is able to concurrently charge 2 devices at the same time, one at 1A output and one at 2A output.

This means that the tablet and phone can get the juice at the same time. Not only that, this powerbank also comes with a LED flash light that can proved to be very useful at dark places.

Selling at $36 each, in two colours


Sports Bluetooth Headsets. KW1


Bluetooth headset KW1

Sports Bluetooth Headset KW1

How about buying a pair of Stylish and cool sports Bluetooth headset, which is able to pair up to two devices at the same time?

This headset is lightweight at 15grams, water resistant up to ip4, and it boosts good bass sound. With 110mah internal battery, it is able to play 7 hours continuously once fully charged.

Works with Android phones, iphones , Windows phones and PCs which are bluetooth enabled.

So if your father is into sports, then this might just be the gift for him.

Headset comes with different earplug sizes, sports hooks and a small pouch

Comes in three sporty colours for you to choose from ( Grey, Green and Red)  and it costs $35 each set


Overhead Bluetooth headset


Intone BT06 Headphones

Intone BT06 Headphones

If your father happens to like headsets that cover the ears, then let’s look at this Intone BT-06 headset that not only works as a Bluetooth headset, it can also tune in to radio and plays directly from mp3 loaded into a microsd card slot.


Also the headset comes with inbuilt mic so that you can answer phone calls directly  as well. Talk about cool, huh.

For this model, the headset speaker is 40mm, battery is 300mah and estimated playtime lasts about 8 hours once fully charged.

Price is $32 and comes in 4 attractive different colours


Stylish 2 ways tablet stand

Samdi Tablet Stand

Samdi Tablet Stand

What about something that goes well with the tablets? Samdi minimalist 2 way tablet stand may be the perfect gift this year.

Comes in walnut colour and selling at $28 each


Cable Organizers

Cable Organizers

Cable Organizers

If your dad needs to travel frequently or has many devices and cables that needs to be packed neatly, we do have quite a few types of cable organisers bag which may just be the gift idea you need this year. Pricing for different organisers starts from $13.50 onwards


If you will like to know more about any of the products featured here, do drop us a email to: sales@bongster.sg.

We will be glad to be of any assistance to you.

Lastly, wishing all fathers :  Happy upcoming Father’s Day 2016!