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Ten Computer Myths you should know and avoid

Computer myths

Computer myths


This article goes through some of the commonly held myths regarding computer systems and explains why they don’t work. If you also have some of your own, we welcome your contributions through comments below.


1) Computer virus will not happen to me

Not for modern day computers which are connected to the internet. So long as your computer needs to connect to the internet or you are passing information through flash drives, the computer is prone to virus attack. Virus can infect computers even when the user is just browsing the internet or opening a virus infected email. Virus attack computers when user least expects it. So protect your computer with a updated antivirus to protect it.


2) 2 antivirus installed into the computer is better than 1

Not true.

Only install 1 antivirus at any one point of time. Having multiple antivirus software within same system can cause instability and software conflict at times. Even if the older antivirus is out of date or you are no longer using it, you should always removed the existing antivirus within the system before installing the new version.

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3) Mac computers are immune to virus

While it is true that Mac computers have less chance of getting virus, it is not incorrect to think that Mac computers are immune to virus attacks.

Main reason is perhaps due to lesser number of people using Mac computers as compared with Windows operating based system. Mac computers can also be affected by virus and in fact, there are also anti viruses available in the market to protect Mac computers against viruses.


4) Mac computers are more lasting than Windows based computers.

Not true again . We have seen repair cases for Mac computers ranging between harddisk to motherboard failures as much as Windows based machines. Computers do break down and its best to protect your interests by regularly backing up your data and buying additional warranty if the machine needs to last at least two to three years.


5) My computer harddisk will never fail

Again, false illusion.

We have seen our fair share of hard disk failure even for computers within the one year warranty .So once again, please do the proper back up for your computer if it is meant to do serious work.


6) Microsoft office suites are free

No, its not. Microsoft products are licensed products which you need to pay to use it. These include Microsoft word, excel, power point , outlook etc. They do release different versions, so find the version which suits your need and buy to use it. Refer to our earlier blog article for different versions of microsoft office available.


7) I only want to use Microsoft office, no other free office suites are good enough for me

Actually, it depends on why you want to use Microsoft office. There do exists a whole lot of open source office suites which may suit your purpose if all that is required is basic word, excel and powerpoint functions. Still, I have to state here that Microsoft office does offers a whole lot of unique features with each new versions released. However, if you do not need to use these features, then perhaps the open source software already fit your requirements. Only you can assess and determine that.


8) Programs installed on previous computer systems can just be copied over to another computer

No, it does not work like that

Programs which needs to be installed into computer systems is unlikely to just work when you copy the programs files over. Under most circumstances, these programs will have to be installed again in the new computer. So please keep all paid software and licence keys in a safe place so that they can be used in a new system when harddisk or computer has been changed.


9) Just clone current computer harddisk into new one and keep all programs and files

Again, no it will not work

Cloning of harddisk will only work if the new hardisk is loaded back to the exact same hardware. If the hardware is different (such as change in computer system altogether) , it is unlikely that the clone image will work on a totally different computer.


10) Existing hard disk is faulty, just clone the faulty harddisk and replace with new one.

Sorry, this suggestion is going to fail.

Hard disk which are already faulty cannot be cloned. You will have to replace new harddisk to the computer and load in operating system again. Or if you have previously backed up a system image, load the image into new harddisk.