About Us

We are a Singapore based company providing quality IT Solutions which includes sales of software and hardware equipment .

Our company also retails IT accessories as well.

We aim to provide professional, reliable and timely service to our customers.

Our experienced engineers are well equipped to provide valuable advice and suggestions to value add to your existing office IT setup and networking environment.

Our services includes:

-IT Networking services

-Desktop PC and Laptop Software and Hardware repairs

-Selling Computers, laptops and IT accessories & Network equipment

We look forward to serving you for your IT Needs.








Our Retail Shop Services

Our Retail Shop offer following services:

Laptop Repair services -Diagnostic and repair

-Laptop battery change 

-LED/LCD replacement

-Laptop Adapters

-Harddisk replacement

-Ram replacement


Desktop PC -Diagnostic and repair

-Harddisk replacement

-Ram replacement

-Motherboard replacement

-Power Supply replacement

-DVD Drive replacement


Software and data - Copying and installation