Acrylic (8mm) headphone stand

Common price: 36,00 SGD Our price: 26,00 SGD each Weight: 0.7 kg
Width: 11.7 cm
Length: 11.8 cm
Height: 25.6 cm

Thick Acrylic Headphone stand now on sale, selling at $26 each

This headphone stand is taller and thicker than the other version ( $20 stand) 
Meant for use with larger headphones


thick headphone stand


Available in Transparent colour


Dimensions as follows :


Wide: 11.8cm

Height : 25.6cm

Width : 7.7 cm

Thickness : 0.8cm

Weight: 610 grams


Good for organising headphones at home beside players and computers etc



Headphone stand dimension







comparison between 2 stands


Headphones for illustrative purposes only.