How to install Sapido Wireless Adaptor AU4512 for Win 7 or 8 OS

For those who would like to know how to update or install Sapido Wireless Adaptor for model AU4512 for Windows 7 or 8, please follow instructions below on how to update / install the driver into your PC.


Step 1: Power up your computer and go the start button. At the same time, plug Sapido AU4512 into the USB port of your computer 

Start button


Step 2: Right Click on computer, choose “Manage”




Step 3 : You will see "computer management" window which opens up. Left click on "device manager" . You will see a device that states " RTL8192 WLAN Adaptor" which has a exclaimation mark stated on the left side. Right click on this device to open up list of options. Choose "update driver software" and click on it to open up a new window.



update driver


Step 4: Click on "Browse my computer for driver software" . You will then be asked where your driver is located. If you have not put the Sapido CD provided within the package into DVD Drive, you will have to do so now and direct the window to located the driver where your DVD drive is located in the directory.

DVD Drive location


Step 5: You will see that the computer will look for the driver and start installing it into the system.


installing driver


Step 6 : Completed!  Driver has been successfully installed into the system. You should see a screen shot that updates you that the driver has successfully been installed into the system



finish install


You are now able to start using Sapido AU4512 to link up wirelessly with your network