DIY bag strap hooks buckle 4 sets per lot smaller size

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Add buckle or hook to your small pouches easily

4 sets per lot

2 Types -

Type C - 2 colours - Black , Gold

Type D - 3 colours - Black, Gold, Silver

Smaller sized buckle, suitable for adding buckle to small pouches and bags

Type C. Each unit

Dimensions: 1.2cm (length) x 1.8cm ( height)

Weight: 2.56grams

Each set contained buckle and screw

Type D. Each unit

Dimensions: 1.9cm (length) x 1.9cm ( height)

Weight: 2.82grams

Each set comes with buckle, plastic holder, screw

No screw driver included in package. Will require 1 small philips screwdriver to install