Knorway N26C Long Range Presenter with laser pointer

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Knorvay N26C, Long Range (Approx 100 meters) Powerpoint Presenter with Laser pointer Function


knorvay N26C presenter



Thin and Sleek 

Easy to Use, Multiple Buttons

Plug and Play 

Uses only 1 x AAA Battery, with low battery indicator 

Works well from a distance ( up to 100 meters)

Comes with Tab and Enter Buttons at the side 
{  Controls power point software , Tab= alt tab function ( switch windows) ; Enter =Alt F4 ( close window) }



Available in Black or White 

AAA battery included in package 
Comes with Pouch included 


n26C long range presenter, 100 meters


soft buttons of N26C


Dimensions of presenter

Dimensions of presenter


works with multiple OS


Slim with red laser pointer


function keys




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