Sapido Wireless N+ USB Adapter

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Sapido Wireless N+ USB Adapter

Model: AU-4512

SAPIDO N+ USB adapter offers up to 300Mbps data transmission rate. The built-in WMM (WiFi Multi-Media) prioritizes streaming of audio and video. You can complete encryption and connection to wireless AP by simply pressing the WPS button. In addition, the WPA2 advanced encryption provides you secure network environment.

Speedy Wireless Internet

Faster on data transmission, Internet browse, files download. MIMO technology enhances 300Mbps data rate while WMM (WiFi Multi Media) ensures smoothness on audio and video streams. Also, it works perfectly with existing 11b/g routers or APs

Safe Network and Easy Connection

Various advance encryption types-WEP, WPA and WPA offers a safe and private wireless environment. WPS button enable encryption connection with one (button) press.


Standards: IEEE802.11b/g/n (draft 2.0)
Data Rate: up to 300mbps
Interface : Universal Serial Bus 2.0
Security: WEP64/128/256' WPS
Supported OS: Windows, MAC, Linux
Weight: 20grams
Dimensiona: 91mm*28mm*14mm