UHOO 6615 /6616 Transparent Acrylic ID card Namecard card holder

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UHOO ID Card Holder
Transparent, Acrylic Type

Model: 6616 (Portrait) /6615( Landscape) 

Able to hold few cards within the card holder. Use it to store Ezlink card, name cards, ID cards etc 
Can hold up to 2 thick cards ( such as IC or Ezlink cards) 

Match with different colours lanyard 
Available in portrait or landscape models 

Good quality Acrylic material  

UHOO 6616 ID tag with different lanyard colours


UHOO 6615 ID tag with different lanyard colours


UHOO 6616 ID tag

Double sided clear design

UHOO 6616 dimension

UHOO 6616 6615 dimension

UHOO 6616 both side transparent

Able to store more than 1 card

Side up design