UHOO 6623 /6624 ID card Namecard card holder with lanyard

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UHOO ID Card Holder
Model: 6624 (Portrait) /6623 ( Landscape) 

Able to hold few cards within the card holder. Use it to store Ezlink card, name cards, ID cards etc 
Can hold up to 2 thick cards ( such as IC or Ezlink cards) 

Many colours to choose from, Available in portrait or landscape models 

Good quality PP plastic 

Set comes with card holder & matching lanyard 

Lanyard length: 90cm

Lanyard Width:1.5cm

UHOO 6624 multi colours


UHOO 6623 ID tags



feature durable

Easy to open

comfortable feel

Able to store more than 1 card

made with recycled PP plastic

UHOO 6624 dimension


UHOO 6623 dimensionUHOO 6623 dimensions